Friday, February 10, 2012

DAYS 3, 4, and 5

 Technique, technique, technique...

I keep having to repeat this.  My goal each and every day is to improve, so I have always been really competitive with myself.  For example, if I benched 185 pounds last week I would want to bench at least 190 pounds this week. These kinds of increases are possible, by the way, but here is my problem... The weights I have lifted previously have been completed with poor technique.

If you start lifting with poor technique, you may have a very hard time correcting it later on. 

If I were to continue to lift heavier and heavier weights each week, I would not be able to improve my technique. I'll use an exercise from today's workout as an example - the static lunge.  I have done the static lunge before with a 155 pound barbell, so I wanted to be able to at least do 155 pounds today.  While repeating that mantra in my head (technique, technique, technique), I figured out that when I was lifting 155 pounds I was only bending my knees half as much as I should have!  Your back knee should come close to touching the ground while your front knee bends about 90 degrees. I was able to complete the exercise with perfect technique and tempo after dropping the weight to 105 pounds.  In short, technique should always come before the amount of weight you lift! Who cares if the guy next to you is benching 300 pounds. As long as you are maintaining proper form, you will be on your way to being the healthiest you can possibly be.

This week is still crazy at work. I worked out on Monday and Tuesday then rested Wednesday and Thursday. I just got off of another 13 hour night shift and went straight to the gym.  I am still unable to get proper nutrient timing with my horrible schedule.  I'm doing the best I can on nutrition, but I will likely not see too much improvement with my body this week without the proper food for fuel and recovery. Food is undoubtedly half of the battle when it comes to weight lifting. I can still honestly say I am making huge improvements though, because now everything I do in the weight room is with proper form.

Let me know! Have you struggled with using proper form in the past? What are the exercises you have the most trouble with?


  1. sooo many deadlifts

    1. It really doesn't feel like too much! I wave-load the first deadlift which I do with nearly straight legs (this helps a lot with strength gains). I bend my knees with the romanian deadlift in order to put more focus on legs.